Past Performance

Below is a partial list of our completed work.
Please contact us for more information.

Contract Dates: 12/29/2014 – 4/20/2015
Scope of Work: Located and created layout footprint of new building; Removed and relocated existing underground utilities; Formed and poured new concrete pad and foundation footers; Furnished and installed new 2,400 sq ft. block building with structural steel supports and concrete roof; set all steel man doors hardware; Furnished and installed HVAC and ventilation ducts; Painted walls; and Installed new ceiling.

Agency: Constellium/Wise Alloys/TMC
Contract ID: 1024633
Contract Amount: $257,000.00
Contact: Billy Quesenberry
Contact Phone: 256-386-6000

Contract Dates: 12/29/2014 – 4/20/2015
Scope of Work: Completed concrete restoration and repair; Located damaged areas; Removed damaged and saw-cut concrete from job site; Installed reinforcement rebar and double steel mats; Poured 400 cubic yards of 12-inch thick concrete with a broom finish.

Agency: Constellium/Element 13
Contract ID: 4500051906
Contract Amount: $250,000.00
Contact: Bryan Tardo
Contact Phone: 256-386-6000

Contract Dates: 1/12/2016 – 2/19/2016
Scope of Work: Removed existing boiler, water, gas, vent and combustion piping, existing controls, and electrical connections; Installed one 999,900 btu Laars Modulating Condensing Boiler with new Lon Gateway Control Controls with Boiler to Building Automation Integration and Commissioning of Point Integration; and Created boiler graphics for building supervisor.

Agency: Madison County Commission
Contract Amount: $57,000.00
Contact: Sylvia Battle
Contact Phone: 256-532-3507